Kreston GV Italy meets Groupe Conseil Union

Febbraio, 19 2016

Kreston GV Italy meets Groupe Conseil Union to highlights importance of collaboration between member firms and to better serve Italian – French market
Mr. Flury and Mr.Garnier met Kreston GV Italy Partners and Giovanni Varriale (Kreston GV Italy Managing Partner) to discuss about the importance of the collaboration between Italy and France and to better serve local markets. The visit has been a very important moment of discussion between the two firms after the site visit occurred in November in Paris.
Managing Partners shared development strategies and common opportunities and highlighted the approach to better serve own clients and potential referrals.
Giovanni, Kreston GV Italy Managing Partner, comments:
“This meeting has been a very important moment for our firm and the network. Create a strong professional collaboration with Mr. Fleury and Mr. Garnier and all colleagues of Groupe Conseil Union surely is point of focus for the future few months and a very important opportunity for us to work together in the future.