Kreston GV Italy is a member firm of Kreston international, a network of independent audit and advisory firms, operating in in the audit and accounting services, fiscal, tax and financial advisory.

Kreston International makes part of the Forum of Firms of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants), which includes all the main audit networks across the world. One of the most important purposes of the Forum is to provide its associates with the guidelines and with the highest quality standards, which is achieved through the control of their effective application by the member firms.

Kreston International has a well-established global presence in all major countries, such as the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Asia Pacific area and South America.

Kreston International operates in more than 100 countries, having more than 300 offices and over 20.000 professionals.

The strong international presence allows Kreston to assist clients in obtaining the highest standards of excellence, founding a professional relationship, based on a long-term trust and on the high quality of service.

Thanks to the global organization that we have and a network of relationships, together with a wide range of skills, Kreston GV Italy is proud to serve its clients at a worldwide level for any kind of services that a client may need.

In Italy, having a structure of three different, independent firms (Kreston GV Italy Audit, Kreston GV Italy Consulting and Kreston GV Italy Capital) Kreston GV Italy provides services in audit and accounting, due diligence, corporate finance, evaluations, consultancy, legal and fiscal advisory, advisory to listed and not listed companies, public interest companies and governmental companies.