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Kreston International appointed a new Chair

Rich takes over from Bent Kofoed, who steps down after four years as the Chair

After four years at the helm, we are sad to say goodbye to Bent as the Chair of Kreston. Bent has been a part of Kreston for twenty years, playing an active role as soon as he joined as part of Kreston Denmark.

Bent joined the Kreston Board in 2006, overseeing significant change within Kreston, including Kreston’s transition from Association to network in 2011. He also held the role of European Secretary for a number of years.

Bent assumed the Chair of Kreston at the 2015 World Conference held in Rio, Brazil. As Chair, Bent led the recruitment of the new CEO, culminating in the appointment of Liza Robbins in August 2018, agreeing to stay on for a further year to oversee the transition of the CEO role to Liza.

Everyone at Kreston would like to take this opportunity to thank Bent for his tremendous contribution to the Kreston network and to the Kreston board in his roles as Director and Chair.

With Bent’s retirement from the Kreston Board, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Rich Howard as the new Chair of Kreston.

Rich is a Kreston stalwart whose involvement in Kreston’s activities began in 2005 when CBIZ and Mayer Hoffman McCann (MHM) joined Kreston.  Since then, he has been involved as a leader of the Global Audit Special Interest Group and a frequent speaker at Kreston World and Regional conferences each year.  Rich has been a Board member since 2014 and previously held the role of Deputy Chair and is a member of the Quality Group Executive Committee.

Rich is an MHM Shareholder and CBIZ Director having joined the organizations in 2002 and is based in the firm’s Orange County, California office.  Over the last 17 years, Rich has held a number of different positions which have included being a member of MHM’s Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Professional Standards Group, the National Director of Quality Control and the West Region Attest Practice Leader.

Rich has lived the Kreston network, making introductions between various CBIZ and MHM offices and other Kreston member firms around the world in order to help both CBIZ, MHM and the wider Kreston community with their international work.

Kreston Chair, Rich Howard: “This is an exciting time to be at Kreston as we continue our evolution as a network and find new and unique ways to help our members do more international business together.  I am looking forward to my new role with Kreston, assisting the network and its members with the execution of our strategic plan and continuing to build the platform that supports our long-term growth and development.

“We are building something very special at Kreston, with a high performing team in place and really demonstrating the value Kreston can bring to international clients.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Bent and congratulate him on his accomplishments as Chair and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.  I am proud of the journey we have taken to this point and am very excited about what the future holds for Kreston.  We have only just begun!”

Kreston International World Conference 2019

Kreston International had record attendance at its last World Conference in New Delhi held on 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2019, with 155 delegates representing 66 firms and 43 countries.

The conference was heavily focused on business content to help members increase collaboration and win more business together, in line with Kreston’s strategy to deliver greater benefits and greater business opportunities to members.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with 92% of delegates indicating they found the conference excellent or very good.

A few key moments from our members were captured during the conference. If you missed these on our social pages, you can watch the videos here.

We are now looking forward to Kreston’s Europe & World Conference to be held on 21 – 24  October 2020 in Madrid, Spain.

Kreston GV Italy Christmas meeting

Kreston GV Italy Christmas meeting: Audit, Tax ed Advisory in un unico appuntamento, per condividere assieme esperienze dell’anno che va a chiudersi e programmi e strategie per il futuro.

Il tutto in una splendida cornice, unica nel suo genere, il tempio lombardo della velocità: la fabbrica dell’Alfa Romeo ad Arese. Un esempio di tecnologia abbinata a visione per il futuro, dove velocità ed eleganza si fondono in un unico elemento. Circondati dalle auto superveloci del passato ed i prototipi per il futuro, i professionisti Kreston, si sono scambiati gli auguri e brindato al prossimo anno.

Tanti auguri per un Felice Natale da Kreston GV Italy!

Kreston GV Italy launch Kreston GV Italy Tax & Global Services

Kreston GV Italy has expanded its range of services to offer tax, corporate, accounting, employment and payroll assistance.

The new entity, Kreston GV Italy Tax & Global Services, together with Kreston GV Italy Audit, Kreston GV Italy Consulting and Kreston GV Italy Capital, now places Kreston GV Italy as one of the leading firms in the Italian market.

The establishment of the new service line has resulted in 7 Partners and 50 staff joining the firm and, together with the addition of Kreston GV Italy Consulting in September 2017, sees Kreston GV Italy’s projected revenues in 2018 to be approx. € 14 million.

Gian Paolo Carnago, Managing Partner of Kreston GV Italy Tax & Global Services said:

“We are very happy for the opportunity to be part of the Kreston family, particularly after having a previous long-standing collaboration with another major international network. Kreston is a new and exciting challenge and we are delighted to be involved from the very beginning to help develop a stronger presence in Italy for the Network with regards to tax, corporate, accounting, employment and payroll services. We will put all of our experience, our enthusiasm and our desire into meeting this challenge and to ensure Kreston’s continued development”.

Giovanni Varriale, Managing Partner of Kreston GV Italy added:

“I am very proud of the development of this project and delighted with the new partners who have joined Kreston. With the addition of this new business line, Kreston GV Italy are now able to offer a complete and integrated service and our colleagues from around the world will be able to count on us to assist with any international opportunity.”

Partners from the new entity will have an opportunity to meet Kreston colleagues and present on developments at the firm at Kreston’s European conference in Zurich in May

Michele Zingarelli remains the international contact partner at Kreston GV Italy, while Gian Paolo Carnago becomes the first contact for this new line of business.

I° Master in Revisione Legale organizzato da Kreston Italy e l’Università G. Marconi”

Kreston GV  Italy e l’Università Guglielmo Marconi hanno il piacere di annunciare la prima edizione del Master in Revisione Legale, un percorso formativo ed orientativo sui temi della revisione legale e dei processi di assurance e controllo interno.
L’iniziativa, rivolta a studenti e professionisti è finalizzata a formare i professionisti del futuro in ambito revisione legale e qualificarli attraverso un percorso formativo di eccellenza nelle aree della revisione, dell’assurance e dell’internal auditing, favorendo un rapido inserimento lavorativo dei neolaureati e la crescita professionale di professionisti già inseriti in aziende industriali e di servizi.
Il percorso formativo, vedrà coinvolti sia i docenti dell’università sia il personale qualificato di Kreston GV Italy, al fine di promuovere un taglio professionalizzante al master: gli studenti avranno la possibilità di seguire le lezioni a stretto contatto con i professionisti della revisione!

Il Master in revisione legale dell’Università Guglielmo Marconi, si propone di raggiungere una posizione di leadership nel panorama nazionale fra i percorsi formativi post laurea nelle aree dell’auditing e del controllo interno.

Future Job 4.0 e Kreston Italy

L’Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi in collaborazione con Manageritalia e Porta Futuro Lazio ha presentato venerdì 20 ottobre 2017, la II Edizione del Salone dedicato alla conoscenza del mondo del lavoro e delle professioni rivolto a studenti, laureati, giovani in cerca di lavoro e chiunque interessato alle opportunità di impresa e di crescita professionale in tema di innovazione e Industria

L’evento ha ospitato, tra gli altri, oltre 30 Aziende, ognuna delle quali leader nel proprio settore per innovazione, crescita e miglioramento che hanno avuto la possibilità di venire in contatto con laureandi e laureati interessati ad entrare nel mondo del lavoro.

Kreston GV Italy, facendosi promotrice di tale iniziativa, ha partecipato con successo alla stessa, incontrando chiunque fosse interessato ad entrare in contatto con il mondo della consulenza e della revisione. Decine gli studenti ed i laureati affascianti da tale iniziativa e dalla possibilità di venire in contatto con i professionisti, per ascoltare le esperienze lavorative di questi e farle proprie.


Nel pomeriggio, inoltre, è stata presentata l’importante iniziativa Marconi Industry 4.0, l’iniziativa dell’Università degli studi Guglielmo Marconi che prevede il coinvolgimento di aziende, start up, enti ed istituzioni per la creazione di una community 4.0, con testimonianze dirette e speech di manager delle aziende partecipanti all’evento.

Kreston’s 1st Future Leaders Conference is a success in Berlin.

Knowing Future Leaders

Kreston held its first Future Leaders conference in the centre of cultural and vibrant Berlin recently, attracting 60 delegates from 14 countries.

Following a welcome reception at the Hotel NH Collection, the one day business event opened with an introduction to Kreston by Kreston Chairman, Bent Kofoed and European Regional Director Dagmar Brösztl-Reinsch. Kreston CEO Jon Lisby then offered attendees an overview of Kreston, its history and strategy to date, emphasising Kreston’s brand values and the importance of forging new and lasting working relationships.

Split into groups, the icebreaker to the conference “Around the World Challenge” had a sailing theme and was presented by global yachtsman Alex Alley and his team from Eventus Training. Through a variety of fun and, at times, tricky tasks, the teams competed to sail a circumnavigation of the World, with a prize for the winning team.

​The main session was presented by Tim Sayers from PDW Group and through a range of media, visuals, exercises and activities, Tim and his team facilitated an excellent mix of professional acting and coaching to cover:

  1. What does it take to be a great leader?
  2. What are the skills and tools that will enable me to be a great leader?
  3. What are my next steps as a result of the session?

CEO, Jon Lisby commented:

“We are delighted at the success of this Conference which was challenging for the participants but also great fun. I am sure we shall make it an annual event. It was excellent to meet our future leaders and for each of them to have the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the network – I’ve no doubt of the future value these Conferences will generate”.

The 2017 Kreston EMEA Conference

The 2017 Kreston EMEA Conference was held in vibrant Marrakech, Morocco where 105 delegates drawn from 27 countries were in attendance.
Kreston European Regional Secretary Dagmar Brösztl-Reinsch of Kreston Bansbach opened the conference and then Pierre D’Agrain from host firm Kreston Maroc plus Kreston Board Director Franck Parker and Panayotis Liolios from Exco France presented an overview of the economy and updated all on the practices of doing business in Morocco.
Kreston CEO, Jon Lisby gave an update on the networks performance and development strategy and Board Director, Clive Stevens of Kreston Reeves, highlighted the benefits of supporting sustainable development goals.
Key note speakers Mark Edmondson and Graham Clarke from cloud based audit software supplier Inflo, discussed the importance of making innovative software accessible to all in the accounting profession and Helena Jamieson and Ben Bush from brand consultants, The Frameworks, updated delegates on progress made around the implementation of Kreston’s new brand platform, Knowing you.
The second day of the business programme consisted of break out groups focused on the core groups of audit and taxation.
Lead by Kreston’s Director of Quality and Professional Services, Andrew Collier, the audit group focused on the importance of Kreston’s new extranet Klick, to collaborate and share documents; Mark Edmondson and Graham Clarke from Inflo offered a more detailed overview of their software; Rich Howard from US firm, CBIZ MHM, gave an update of US PCAOB regulations and Robert Holland and Alex Peal from James Cowper Kreston discussed False Assurance – Auditing intangibles and estimates.
Petra Uylen from Kreston Grip Audit chaired the International Tax breakout with lively debate taking place around Brexit; the impact of BEPS in members’ respective countries and Tax implications for the US since the election of Donald Trump.
Jeroen Knuist from Kreston Grip presented an update on Base Erosion Profit Shifting and Anti-Tax Avoidance and James Dahl from Calvista LLP discussed the economic benefits of living in Canada.
The social programme included team play on quad bikes and camels, a discovery walking tour around the Souks in Marrakech and an excellent evening of traditional food and entertainment at Dar Soukkar.
Jon Lisby said:
“Another lively programme in a great location which provided exceptional opportunities for our members to network, discuss international referrals and opportunities – these conferences deliver significant value for all”
The 2018 EMEA Conference will be held in Zurich 10th – 13 May 2018.

Doing Business in Malta

Oggi, 13 dicembre 2016, si è tenuto il seminario “Doing Business in Malta” che ha coinvolto i professionisti di Kreston GV Italy e Kreston Malta ed è stato rivolto a tutti coloro i quali fossero interessati alle opportunità di business in Malta. Italia e Malta: non solo vicinanza geografica e culturale, ma anche un comune interesse nel fare business insieme e nella crescita economica comune. Kreston, sia in Italia che a livello mondiale – ha detto il Managing Partner di Kreston GV Italy – è orgogliosa di fornire ai propri clienti ed a tutte le proprie controparti un servizio di approfondimento sulle opportunità di investimento nei paesi dell’Unione Europea, ed a Malta in particolare, una nazione vicina a noi italiani dal punto di vista storico culturale e con la quale i nostri imprenditori possono costruire delle opportunità di business molto interessanti.

Kreston GV Italy alla Prima Conferenza nazionale di Lexjus Sinacta

L’importanza dell’attività di networking tra i diversi studi e le diverse imprese appartenenti alla stessa rete ed i principali sviluppi di natura tecnica legati alla normativa tributaria e contabile del 2016 sono stati al centro della Prima Conferenza Nazionale di Lexjus Sinacta, una realtà italiana ed indipendente di oltre 180 avvocati e dottori commercialisti che operano presso le sedi di Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Firenze, Lecco, Milano, Padova, Roma e Torino, alla quale Kreston GV Italy è stata invitata a partecipare, presentando la propria esperienza.

I partner di Kreston GV Italy, infatti hanno presentato ai professionisti di Lexjus Sinacta l’esperienza dettata dall’ingresso nel network internazionale Kreston, ed il proprio contributo a livello sia nazionale che internazionale allo sviluppo del network Kreston.

Giovanni Varriale, Managing Partner di Kreston GV Italy, ha esposto ai professionisti di LS i valori ed i principi che hanno portato alla creazione del progetto Kreston in Italia ed allo sviluppo dello stesso negli anni, anche grazie al supporto dei partner che, dalla sua fondazione, lo hanno accompagnato in questa esperienza.

L’esposizione di Kreston GV Italy, tuttavia, ha previsto, oltre ad un momento informativo-espositivo, anche un momento di natura tecnica, con la presentazione, da parte di Sebastiano Losito, di alcune riflessioni sulle principali novità introdotte dal D. Lgs. 135 del 2016. Una normativa in vigore dal 5 agosto 2016 di notevole interesse che ha visto il coinvolgimento e l’interazione da parte dei professionisti di LS e Kreston.