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Novità in tema di bilancio previste dal D.Lgs. 139/2015

pdfIn vista dell’applicazione delle importanti novità in tema di bilancio previste dal D.Lgs. 139/2015, Kreston GV Italy ha organizzato un importante momento di incontro per discutere i contenuti del nuovo Decreto.
Nel corso dell’incontro, saranno passate in rassegna le novità più importanti previste dalla nuova normativa in tema di bilanci, ponendo l’accento sulla componente operativa.
Per informazioni, si invita a contattare la segreteria di Kreston GV Italy, nella persona di

Kreston Italy and Exco common effort to clients value added

Giovanni Varriale, Managing Partner of Kreston GV Italy met Panayotis Liolios, Franck Parker and Eric Guillen of Exco, correspondent French firm of Kreston International.
During the meeting in Marseille, Giovanni and other colleagues created a strong channel of opportunities sharing between Italy and French, reinforcing the bond between the two countries and the two Kreston International member firms.
Between France, and the Provence in particular, and the Italy there are many common elements on cultural and social point of view and these common elements may be the strengths to provide an effective, efficient service to clients and provide a value added to each Kreston counterparty
Lisbon Kreston European conference in May represents next step, where the two member firms may share the experiences created in these months to work together and introduce to others the Partners in-charge on different specialties.

Kreston GV Italy visits Iberaudit Kreston in Barcelona

Antonio Moroni, Sebastiano Losito and Michele Zingarelli, respectively Partners and Senior Manager of Kreston GV Italy, met with Mercé Martì Queralt, Managing Partner, and Elena Ramirez Marin, International Contact Partner, of Iberaudit Kreston, the member firm in Spain, visiting their office in Barcelona.
The meeting strongly focused on sharing of opportunities to raise the profile of the two firms and develop common business opportunities working under Kreston brand.
The discussion includes, also, a brief overview of the two firms and an overview on “Doing business in…Italy & Spain”. Additionally, the members presented strategy of development of activities into the network, taking part to Kreston conferences and join the Special Interest Group.
Spanish Kreston members have a new friend at Italian level: Kreston GV Italy!